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Re-Formed Catholic Anglicanism

May 31, 2023 - June 2, 2023

The Most Rev. Ray R. Sutton
the Rev. Dr. Hans Boersma
The Rev. Dr. Gerald McDermott
The Rev. Dr. Greg Peters

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Over the years I’ve been in many a conversation about Anglicanism. I’ve heard all kinds of definitions. Some good, some not so good. Ironically, the one definition most accurate is often the one that’s hardly ever mentioned; the phrase “Reformed Catholicism.”

For Anglicans the words reform and catholic go together. They’re not separated from each other like they are for most Protestants. For them, the Reformation is about getting away from what was catholic. For Anglicans it’s not. In this regard, the English Reformation was more about reforming, or better re-forming, the Medieval Western Church where she had drifted away from the Ancient Church. It was an effort to return or to restore what is catholic or truly universal to the Christian faith. The Vincentian Canon describes it as “what has been believed everywhere, at all times, by all.” It’s often called the Undivided Church.

Reformed Catholicism was not an attempt to create something new . . . not a new church . . . new faith . . . or new practice. An English Bishop named John Jewel (Salisbury) in his classic, Apology for the Church of England (1562), simply described English Christianity as based “in the Holy Gospel, the Ancient Bishops, and the Primitive Church.” It was not about completely throwing out what existed. Nor was it about creating new theology or new structures. It was about recovering or returning to the model of the Undivided Church.

Even the method was reformed catholic according to the motto of the day, “back to the sources” (ad fontes). The sources for Anglicans were the Holy Scriptures and the early church fathers. And by means of these sources, the reformed catholic model of Anglicanism was to re-form the Medieval Western Church by returning to the Catholic faith.

Therefore, this year’s Anglican Way Institute will focus on this important understanding of Anglicanism as “re-formed catholic.” Our conference will be about setting forth this model of Anglicanism.

To lay out this important Re-formed Catholic Anglican model, we’re going to have four plenary presenters: The Rev. Dr. Hans Boersma, The Rev. Dr. Gerald McDermott, The Rev. Dr. Greg Peters, and the Most Rev. Dr. Ray R. Sutton. These scholars will present a Re-formed Catholic Anglican approach on a number of foundational topics such as hermeneutics and the interpretation of Scripture, the theological model of incarnation as well as atonement, spirituality, worship and the prayer book, the doctrine of the church and the sacraments, and so much more.

For our workshops, we’ll concentrate on a variety of biographical and historical examples in terms of scholars and movements. These workshops will touch on such important figures as Medieval English mystics; Reformation Era Divines such as John Jewel, Richard Hooker, and Lancelot Andrews; Caroline Divines such as Jeremy Taylor, John Donne, George Herbert; the 17th century Non-Juror movement; and the 19th century Anglo-Catholics such as Edward Pusey, John Keble, and John Henry Newman, to name only a few. The workshops will also offer something on the way this Re-formed Catholic Anglican model translated into missions, music, science, the mystery genre of literature, and so much more.

Therefore, mark the dates of May 31st to June 2nd for this year’s Anglican Way Institute. We’re scheduling it a little earlier to make it easier for attendees to avoid conflicts with summer vacations and camps. Don’t miss this conference. It could be the best ever!

Sincerely in Christ,
The Most Rev. Dr. Ray R. Sutton
Presiding Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church
Dean of the Province of the Anglican Church in North America

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Advent 2022 Offering

Advent Offering
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November 11, 2022
REC Advent Offering for Foreign Missions

Dear Friend of REC Foreign Missions:

At the completion of this age the Lord of all things will return, stand with His Church, and hand the Kingdom to God our Father. In the meantime we pursue the Great Commission, baptizing the nations, teaching them to obey the Saviour, and adding them to His Kingdom. With its calls to hope, longing, and compunction, Advent offers great practice!

Giving Alms is one of the more joyful disciplines of Christian Spirituality. As during Lent members participate in the REC100 Offering for domestic missions, so during Advent alms are dedicated to the work of foreign missions. This year’s Advent Offering addresses one such immediate need — getting the Gresser family moved to Malawi to begin teaching at the Leonard Kamungu Theological College and begin graduating 120 solid, biblical, and orthodox new priests for Central Africa! Your gift means everything!

The easiest way to make an offering is through Click “DONATE” and then “Donate Online”. You can also you use this direct link: DONATE NOW. Once on the donation form, find “ADVENT OFFERING 2022” to make a secure payment. Choose a few projects for recurring gifts at the same time: Germany, Croatia, Cuba, Scholarships, Ayres, Gressers. These gifts are forwarded 100% to the mission field.

It was great to see you all at your synod this year! Please thank your parishes for their generosity, visit, and sign up for weekly prayer notices. Contact me to visit your parish for “Missions Sunday” weekend, or to learn about upcoming short-term mission trip opportunities.

2023 is taking shape to be a full and ambitious year for REC Missions. With your help, interest, and prayer, all can be accomplished for the glory of Christ, the missionary Word of the Father.

Be sure to view and download the special Advent Offering Brochure. Print them off and display in your parishes, share it with your regular parish email communications, and put it on your parish websites. It is a pdf formatted for double sided printing.

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With thanks,

The Rev. Canon John Boonzaaijer
President of the Board of Foreign Missions


You may also mail your checks to the BFM directly. Make them payable to the Board of Foreign Missions and mail them to the address below. Be sure to notate "Advent Offering" in the memo field.

Reformed Episcopal Church
23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd.
Ste H120 #642
Katy, TX 77494

If you have any questions about donations, please contact the Very Rev. Canon Jason R. Grote, Board Treasurer, at

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