At the 55th General Council of the Reformed Episcopal in June 2017, Bishop Sutton introduced the REC vision of recapturing and revitalizing our sense of Mission and our initiative of establishing 100 new REC parishes known as REC100.

Bishop Sutton presented 3 wonderful sessions pertaining to the revitalization of our parishes with 'front-porch' ministries and a seeker-ministry resource called Veritas:What is Truth?. These presentations were recorded by AnglicanTV© and are available online. We provide them here for you. Additionally, the PowerPoint slides used in the presentations are available both in a pdf handout format and in their original PowerPoint format. These resources can be used by your parishes. They are found further down on this page (or click here) to jump there.

The Front Porch

The Front Porch is the official newsletter for REC100! This newsletter will help us communicate recent developments, news, and resources within REC100. We will also include articles from planters and pastors centered around the topics of church planting and creating missional cultures in the parish.

The first issue (Summer 2018) of the The Front Porch is now available. REC100 has distributed 15 printed copies to each parish that can be used on Narthex or Display tables in the local parish. Additionally, a digital copy will be available on this website that pastors can view/download and share in electronic newsletters, social media, parish websites, etc.

Here is a direct link to a PDF copy: View Now

Lenten Offering Resources

A Note from our Canon Missioner

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

At the 55th General Council of the Reformed Episcopal Church in June 2017, Bishop Sutton presented the wonderful vision of recapturing the Gospel DNA in each of our parishes. To that end, he called us to become mission-al communities by planting 100 new Reformed Episcopal parishes & missions during the next 10 years. This is known, simply, as REC100. If you were not able to attend General Council, we encourage you to view the three presentations made by Bishop Sutton on this webpage. 

Bishop Sutton also introduced the REC100 Lenten Offering as the means of providing the financial support necessary for such parish planting and development in the REC. As our Bishop said, this offering is based on a model that Bishop Grote discovered when he participated in a missions’ conference. He heard the keynote speaker and Ordinary of the Anglican Diocese of Singapore share how an offering is collected each year in his diocese during Advent or Lent, and every adult member is asked to contribute at least $100 per year toward church planting. This approach raises a substantial amount of money that forms the basis for their church planting budget. Bishop Grote believed a similar approach could be taken in the Reformed Episcopal Church. This model could provide over $200,000 towards church planting efforts every year! Imagine what can be accomplished with such resources being devoted to church planting and development. The General Committee and the General Council support this model and commend it to each of our parishes to be implemented starting with the 2018 Lenten season. Each adult member is being asked to contribute at least $100 during Lent.

  Although the offering is directed towards adults contributing $100, it would be wonderful to have everyone involved, including adults who can't financially commit $100 and children included! One parish already asked about having their youth do a special event or use their mite boxes in support of REC100. Others have suggested contributing 100 dimes or quarters. You can also make the REC100 a part of your daily living by setting aside $2 per week throughout the year.

  If you have specific questions, concerns, or need some more information, please reach out to me. I am here to help!

  God Bless,

  Fr. Jason Grote
National Canon Missioner

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Additional Resources

A website and Social Media resources will be developed for REC100. In the meantime, as resources for REC100 and Veritas© are developed, we will post them here.